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Incredible Edible Reading interviewed about community food growing on Friends of the Earth's Imagining Tomorrow podcast

We love talking about growing food and how growing food together nurtures our own wellbeing and provides a vital way to connect with both humans and the natural environment around us.

Turns out, we’re not alone! In one of the warmest and most generous conversations we have been involved in to date, I (Kath Burton, IER) was invited to join a conversation with Emma Newman and Andrea Berardi (Cobra Collective) to record an episode of the Friends of the Earth Imagining Tomorrow podcast.

Recording the episode was an incredible way to reconnect with our food-growing intentions and talk about the inspiration we find in our community gardens. Growing food together is not only about the joy that comes from nurturing a seed to full growth and harvesting the food that emerges, but what inner transformations we all experience as a result. In this conversation, Emma (who is a writer of speculative fiction), took us on a journey through her imaginings of tomorrow, inspired by our stories of food growing. The resulting rich picture she creates is of a future in which communities grow so much food together on their doorstep that the UK no longer needs to import fresh fruit and veg…

At Incredible Edible Reading we love the sound of that! 🥕

Recording the episode was also a wonderful opportunity to recall how the Veg4Reading project was set up to provide fresh fruit and veg to people in need around Reading during the various lockdowns that occurred during the first years of the pandemic. Veg4Reading growing initiatives at the Food4Families gardens around town grew over 1 tonne of produce that was distributed to community kitchens and mutual aid groups in Reading during 2021. Nourishing those in need was central to the success of Veg4Reading and more enduringly, helped our community gardeners to overcome the challenges of living through the COVID-19 pandemic. Friendships were formed and strong bonds created that have lead to the launch of Incredible Edible in Reading and provide us with the radical hopefulness for an edible landscape in Reading.

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