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Incredible Edible Reading - Learning Plate


Do you want to share or receive learnings of
food growing in your community?


We believe in the lost arts. The art of growing and soil science, the art of cooking and preserving and the connection that is made to our planet when we learn about food. Incredible Edible Reading believes reviving our hands-on knowledge of food is essential for all our futures.

Whether you are a TEACHER looking for resources to implement sustainability and climate change strategies in your school or someone keen to share their food and food-growing knowledge with the community. We want to hear from you!

We are in the process of establishing Incredible Edible Reading and are really keen to hear from local residents in the town about how the network can support food and food-growing ideas and aspirations.

Making connections between the various initiatives around the town and bringing everyone together to imagine a fully-fledged and sustainable Incredible Edible Reading are the current goals. 

We want to know YOUR ideas for creating
a town connected by sustainable food
and food-growing

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