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Top Tips for Sowing: We picked a pot of plucky pea shoots...



It's time to get sowing peas again!

In Part 2 of How to Menutise your Garden, we're potty about pea shoots!!

If that means less to you than it does to us, we're here to guide you towards making "peas" with these little green balls of sweetness and to show you just how easy they are to grow. Not only are they easy to grow, but if you don't want to or don't have the space to, you can snip the tops off pea shoots to make a tasty salad, sandwich stuffing or just a healthy snack between meals.

Getting hold of a bag of dried peas (find them in your local grocer's shop) will open up the possibilities of pea-shoot prosperity and provide you with enough greenery for your grazing throughout the year. Sowing peas in two or more pots means you'll always have some ready to eat.

To get you started on a productive pea-shoot journey, check out the toolkit here.

Pea shoots are quick and easy to grow ... and look at how cute and curly they are...

If you can't wait to download the toolkit, here's our five-step guide to how you too could become potty about pea shoots:

  •     You can grow peas with or without soil!

  •     They are cheap to grow!

  •     They’re very tasty to eat!

  •     You can grow pea shoots any time of year!

  •     You can repurpose old tubs & containers!

Peas and love to all. 💚

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