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Spinning the Business Plate with Nylon Hairdressers

We were excited to spin our first business plate collaboration with the INCREDIBLE Nylon Hairdressers in Reading. We offered their clients locally grown strawberries to enjoy during Wimbledon finals on 15 June 2023. The delicious berries were provided by Whitley GrowAllot community garden and Cobbs Farm Shop in Englefield. Nylon is a member of the Green Collective which provides Zero-to-Landfill Salon Recycling Solutions for Hairdressers in the UK & Ireland. As part of the collective, Nylon recycles all of its cut hair which is either made into wigs or more recently, used to soak up oil spills in the sea! How INCREDIBLE is that! Nylon also recycles used colour foils, colour tubes and anything aluminium and saves water and energy by using more efficient basin shower heads. Are you a business interested in buying, producing and using locally grown food? Have an idea for a collaboration?

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