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Incredible Edible launches in Reading during Climate Festival Week

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

On 18th June 2023, we sowed the seed of Incredible Edible on Reading’s Broad Street during Reading’s Climate Festival. As the famous Gaia globe was spinning in Reading's Town Hall, our INCREDIBLES ran a load of cool food-growing activities for residents coming and going down Broad Street.

Activities included:

🥕 DEMONSTRATIONS OF FOOD-GROWING techniques, such as using everyday items to grow a range of plants in small spaces; 

🥕 SOIL AND COMPOST SAMPLING with expert Paula Mayers who offered testing of people’s soil samples from gardens, allotments or other sites. Much excitement was to be had watching dancing bacteria under the microscope.

🥕 SEED SWAP. The famous travelling seed swap has been created by the INCREDIBLE Karen Blakeman. Check out what it usually contains at Reading Food Growing Network.

🥕 OUR CURIOUS CARROT spoke to residents about their food-growing stories and what they want to see happening in Reading

🥕 DIGITAL STORIES about food growing from around Reading and beyond and an invitation to record your own story;

🥕 A DISPLAY OF SITES AROUND READING where food growing is taking place and an invitation to add your own community garden. 🥕 Hands-on planting to get you started with food growing at home. 

🥕 Reading Museum and the Museum of Rural Life (as part of the HIgh Street Heritage Action Zone.

This event is hosted by RISC, Food4Families, Transition Town Reading, and Reading Food Growing Network and is part of Reading Climate Festival 2023. Held in association with the UK's Great Big Green Week, offering live and online events to inspire and encourage positive action on climate change between 10th and 21st June, ending on Show Your Stripes Day.

Thank you to ReadingCAN for helping us to make it happen!


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